Concrete Floor Grinding to an Architectural finish

The Concrete Cutter 2014 Ltd, based in Nelson, we offer a comprehensive concrete floor grinding and polishing service.

Benefits of choosing polished concrete are:

  • Ecological - concrete consists of natural materials and is very easy to keep clean and dust free creating a healthier home.
  • Long life time and minimal maintenance gives low LCC (Life Cycle Cost). Because concrete is so hard wearing, it will outlast many other flooring options and is resistant to damage.
  • The energy storage capacity of concrete is much greater than other flooring and any heat trapped during the day is released at night helping to lower the heating costs of your home. It is also suitable for underfloor heating.
  • Improved inner environment, creating a lighter, brighter space.
  • If you do decide on a change, there is no existing flooring to remove or the room look can easily be changed by adding rugs.
  • An attractive inside/outside flow can be created (although we recommend grinding and sealing with an additive for outside areas to reduce the slip factor).

There are many options for the look of your concrete floor, from the “natural” concrete look to the fully exposed aggregate. Different coloured and sized stones can be used or a colour added to the cement (your concrete supplier will be able to help with this).

Polished concrete floor finishes are not without their issues. Concrete can crack, and although steps can be taken to minimise this, it is always a possibility. The laying of the floor is vital in achieving a good finish and any humps or hollows will affect the amount of grinding that is required. This is especially noticeable if you are having a light grind or a natural floor. Kelly floating marks, footprints or over-vibrating can result in the aggregate not being even. Make sure your concrete placer is aware that the floor is to be ground and they will place it accordingly.


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Grinding/ Polishing   Natural Floors

Cleaning Instructions – Polished Concrete Floor

Cleaning Instructions – Polished Concrete Floor

Once your floor is finished and the build complete, clean your floor with warm water and a sponge mop, no detergent needed.

If the soiling is stubborn, then please use the provided neutral cleaner and warm water - never use any citrus based cleaner on your polished floor!

Give the floor a rinse with clean, warm water. Once the floor is dry go over the floor with a blue microfiber mop (as pictured) to remove any streaks left by the wet mop.

Regularly check the state of the mop, once there is a build-up of dry dust present, give the microfiber mop head a clean with a vacuum cleaner.

The Concrete Cutter also offers a range of grinding options using the latest grinding technology and vacuum systems for dust control.

  • Grind concrete ready for sealer/paint
  • Rain damaged slabs
  • Clean up grind/floor levelling and preparation


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