Concrete Cutting and Drilling, Nelson

The Concrete Cutter offers a range of cutting and drilling options

Hydraulic Cutting - Hand Saw and Ring Saw

For internal use (no carbon monoxide fumes) cutting both vertically and horizontally up to 250 mm deep.

Hand Saw - Petrol

For all outside work up to 150 mm deep, hand sawing is ideal for areas where the floor saw is impractical.

Floor Saw - Petrol

Self-propelled machine able to cut to a depth of 300 mm on horizontal surfaces.

Floor Saw - Electric

For internal cutting on horizontal surfaces to a depth of 300 mm, it requires 3 phase power to operate. We have a range of generators available.

Soff Cut

The Soff Cut saw allows early entry cutting almost immediately after laying. Perfect for expansion cutting on house and factory floor slabs, driveways and patios. 

Wall Saw

The wall saw is used to accurately cut sections of concrete from walls where other equipment is not suitable. The blade is track mounted and hydraulically powered, ideal for indoor/outdoor work up to 400 deep.

Wire Saw

Wire sawing enables concrete to be cut to greater depths than conventional cutting methods. Ideal for large concrete structures, columns, pipes, beams and plinths.

Core Drilling

Core drilling up to 500 mm diameter (larger diameter available on request) through block and brick work, foundations, roughcast and precast concrete. Generator available if no power on site.

Slurry Control

The Concrete Cutter 2014 Limited is committed to helping the environment by following the guidelines set down by the Resource Management Act. We have a purpose built, trailer mounted vacuum system to deal with the collection and disposal of concrete slurry. This ensures our operation is environmentally friendly.

For more information please contact us at or phone the office (03) 538 0180 or Mobile 0274 448 233 

Concrete Cutting and Drilling Gallery

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